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A team of enthusiasts
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Your recording sessions and work on your artistic identity take place with our partner Alber MARONALY in his studio ABOLLMUSIC located in the Var in the town of Arcs sur Argens. Sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist, he works in an analog sound direction, mastering the entire production including mixing and mastering.

It uses a STUDER tape recorder to finalize your projects and give them a higher listening dimension.

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Isabelle CARRÈRE

Isabelle CARRÈRE, founder of the label, ensures the coordination between the various partners who support you in your project: the recording studio, the pressing plant for vinyl supports, the photographer / videographer and the graphic designer. She is your referent contact and she manages all the communication and marketing part of the artists. She will be able to assist you in your dealings with turners and in all the promotion of your art.

Contact: 06 79 83 01 28 /

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Nathanaël MERGUI

Nous travaillons avec Nathanaël MERGUI, photographe, reporter, journaliste, auteur et réalisateur. Basé à Paris, il se déplace pour vos séances de shootings, vos vidéos (clips, teasers reportages). Grâce à son œil, son énergie exceptionnelle, sa rigueur & son implication à 200% dans tout ce qu’il entreprend, vous serez gâtés en matière de visuels pour réaliser vos supports de projets et de communication. Vous aurez une bibliothèque d’images dans laquelle piocher en en fermant les yeux, tant son travail est remarquable.

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Ciel Bleu Soleil ! 

For the creation of your record covers, you can count on the work of graphic designer Axel and his communication agency Ciel Bleu Soleil, based in Toulouse. He then collaborated for many years with Nathanaël Mergui.

Together, they are the ideal combo to achieve very artistic, different, punchy and strong record covers.

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Typhaine TERRIER

Our referent graphic designer is Typhaine Graphiste. She is based in the Var. His qualities of creativity, listening, advice and availability are added to his artistic sensitivity to ensure the realization of your most effective and personalized communication media.

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